Are you willing to purchase new roku streaming player?

There are many companies whose manufacturing streaming devices and Roku is also one of them. But Roku is one of the only company, which has released many streaming players in last 7 years. Basically, Roku is a streaming device or digital media player which is used to stream all your content, video, public or private channel and more on your Smart TV via the INTERNET connection. In fact, you have to SETUP and ACTIVATE your Roku device with If you are using Roku device at home and you feel satisfied with its performance then there is no need to change. Is there is any type of problem or need to replace old Roku device? Don’t worry! Here is the guidance for you:-
Are you looking for latest apps in your Roku player: if you buy Roku player before 2010 then you unable to update your apps because this option can’t be accessible in Roku player who’s released before 2010. So, if you want new apps and get updates from your favorite channels such as Hulu Plus, Netflix and HBO then you need to replace your old Roku player. The list of all models and detail of update function is available on

If you want universal search and watch list on your Roku player: Old Roku player is the lack of new features like watch list or universal search, whose help to keep records of latest movies on your favorite channel or upcoming programs. Roku players who released after 2010 are launched with these features. For more detail visit

If you have multiple Netflix accounts: some of Roku player released before 2012 are using the old version of Netflix whose doesn’t support Netflix profile. In that case, you can’t create the different site for kids. Multiple accounts of Netflix is only available in after 2012 versions. Mainly Netflix user uses upgraded app of Netflix because they don’t want to waste their time to removing unwanted content from browsing section.

Did you purchased a new smart TV: Some of Roku products whose don’t support HD video. They are very limited to 480 or 720 definitions only. So, if you want to stream Full HD videos on your TV then you have to purchase new Roku player whose support Full HD video. In fact, 4K is the best and high-quality resolution. Most of the Roku models are missing that features and one that supports that features are on link.

Did your remote feel sticky: most of the remote use IR technology instead of radio frequency to communicate with TV and remote. The main limitation is that remote is needed a sight communication, but sometimes it’s not possible.

Would you like listen to music secretly: there is one of most amazing feature which is provided by Roku is listen to music privately with the help of headphones connected with remote or smartphone. If your remote is not working then connect your headphones with your smartphone.

If you have any issues regarding Roku media player then call us at our customer support number +1–844–562–8666. Visit us at our site for roku com link support.