How to create or update the PIN for your account

If you want to use Roku streaming player for online streaming then you have to know some important facts about account policies. Although this is not a big deal to follow Rules as well as policies, you might face some issues in that. As you know, you have to create account to access your streaming through Roku. There is also one more thing which you should know that is transaction PIN. After creating Your Roku link account, you have to create transaction PIN for secure transaction.

Now follow the instruction to create or update your transaction PIN

  1. Firstly, you have to “Sign in” to your Roku account

2. There is a “PIN preference” option and “update” option, you have to click on “Update” if you want to edit your PIN

3. You can also create your PIN here

4. After that, you have to select PIN preference from above options

5. And then click on “save changes” option to save your PIN

6. Now your PIN successfully updated

If you don’t have your account then you have to create Roku account first

1. First of all, you use your computer system or laptop with internet connection

2. Enter in the web browser

3. After this, enter Roku Activation link code here and click on submit button

4. If you want to create your Roku account, click on create a “New Roku account”

5. You have to provide full information for account creation

6. After filling all details, click on submit button

7. Now you have to choose payment method to complete the process

8. And then provide your credit card details

9. Your account has been created

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