Are You Fucking Kidding Me
Hillary Clinton [parody]

The email server was always a smoke screen that Kilarry was hiding behind. In fact, it was the perfect strategy, distract the average American with something they knew nothing about (email servers) and you can get them to ignore the fact that it was *ALWAYS* about getting rid of evidence that was legally subpoenad by the courts! It doesn’t matter that it was 1’s and 0’s being erased in modern day fashion, or actual hard copy documents being shred in yester-year fashion — SHE DESTROYED EVIDENCE, and I can’t wait for the Trump “regime” (racist or not) that will finally call her on her illegal activity, not to mention that she shouldn’t have even been running her own private server to handle classified electronic communication to begin with! Not only did she delete information that was legally subpoenad but she opened up her electronic to potential hacking — that is, if she weren’t already in bed with enemies of the state who probably also had accounts on her “personal” server!