Only Microsoft Could Make Teams
Pramit Nairi

Good point! The MS folks are too often on an overengineering trip. Trying to tye in existing solutions and paradigms. Trying to make things really “secure“, confronting the user with all sorts of messages, warnings, steps in-between and the like… Fair enough, but too difficult even for the most brilliant engineers.

We recently tried to use the Office Online tools like Word in order to collaborate on a shared document. This was a total disaster! The UI and dialogues make you think that you could use the web and native application as you like. That does not work and left us working on different versions. Cloud connectivity make you think they are still do the wiring… It simply is not enough to use some bits and pieces of “inspiration“ (in that case from Google) and add others as you like. Good software as many other things is a Gesamtkunstwerk.