Where one door closes another will open. Just how soon is up to you.

Recently I experienced a streak of bad very luck, but what is luck really? As a collegiate major in Survival we are forced to move on, keep trucking or simply go back to the drawing board and erase and re sketch a new paragraph in our immediate futures that are still in line with our ultimate goal or passions in closing the next chapter in life. For some of us pride can take over and lead us down a dark subterranean den that has only one way out. Leaning on others in time of need is ok, as long as it’s not a habit of course and you can’t seem to hold a job due to being that you’re so creative that you stayed up the whole night and can’t ever get out of bed.

The streak I encountered was the unthinkable, but it happened. I did what most of us would do and that is to dwell and dwell on what just happened and the light bulbs of clues that led up to these premeditated moves that envy will create. Just like my plan on being successful through the arts coupled with experience along with my own individuality and creativity I was able to build my dreams in less than two years time, but my dreams didn’t end there and this is the most important thing to do once you have achieved your goals. I guess we create what our generation has labeled “bucket lists” and all this is are ultimately a list of hierarchy items and dreams that are outlined in our subconscious as we wait for reality to chase them or in some cases wait to see if we might just stumble upon one day.

On of my bucket lists or dreams were to be able to work on commercial sets or movie production jobs as an art director of some sort, sketch more and actually hand paint portraits, murals and become and one day a writer and contribute my own literary findings through personal experiences and relationships I have made with others on paper. The most unthinkable bucket list item that I couldn’t really imagine was to write a screenplay of my own. Just how I would find the time to write, research on what exactly to write about or even sketch let alone paint was not in the cards for me. Especially when writing is by far my weakest attribute. I mean my girlfriend had to keep telling me my their, there, they’re and my to and too up until just a few years ago.

I mean I knew them (sort of.) but never really had to write in the businesses I’ve been in so they never really hammered them home in me. She was a literary major at the time so she was very insightful in this arena and I thank her dearly for it. Well now that we all know I can’t write that cat is really out of the bag and can move on to the point of the story. A few items that were in the streak of bad luck started with a newer friend that I had introduced to one of my best childhood friends and they ended up going into business with one another. Over a year later their (see I got their right!) business dealings went awry and one sued the other and in the defense the next thing I knew I was getting named in a lawsuit. At this time I had just opened my third business just one year prior and I hadn’t a savings or any means of hiring a lawyer. So I sat on the sidelines and minded my own.

Almost two years later to the date of the lawsuit and my main investor in the now second music venue holds a private meeting and threatens me with a lawsuit if I didn’t step down from my position. He then uses the excuse that the reason of this overthrow is due to the lawsuit that I was named in regarding the other two friends were in. All of this was and has been above board prior to raising almost 1 million for the second venue project. This takeover comes up almost two years later and right before I am about to produce a grand opening event for the new business.

For me the unthinkable came at me full speed ahead and the next thing I knew I was unemployed and virtually unemployable at that time. I have been self-employed for over 15 years now and at that time created over 30 jobs within my community in less than two years. I couldn’t think of how to get out or what to do next. Shortly after I got a phone call from an acutance that heard all about my shortcomings. He then offered me a talent buying and production job on a large-scale annual event that happens in the desert every April. Through this I met a gentleman that is a Lawyer and heard about the situation as well and offered me his services pro bono.

I was thrilled to see that the much-needed light was starting to shine in from outside of my interior circles and knew at that time to let justice take its course. For most of us that have never had to hire any legal services to defend ourselves these processes take some time to come to fruition so I did what most starving artists would do in this situation and listed a few things on craigslist to make ends meet. During the event production job I was able to paint large murals, wilderness theme portraits, and host almost 4,000 guests in the coarse of 3 days and 4 nights. Once this job ended I decided to write…I decided to write about my story once my girlfriend jokingly called me “mexi”. Growing up my mother did what most did at that time and fealt it was important to make sure that I knew where my family came from and that I was not mexican even thought this is who I associted and who my best friends were.

She made sure I knew that I was Spanish and French, so this little comment (and now unemployed) sparked me to jump on Ancestry.com for the heck of it and research for myself some 30 years later. Within hours I found a few Land Titles written to ancestors and within days found many more. Within a month I found over 1.6 million acres associated to both my mother and fathers sides of the family that were all located in Texas. Let me make no mistake with my immediate family and or relatives here.

They are all very poor people and not one them has the knowledge of these acres. This story’s of land in our family has always been just that, stories. This is when I knew I had to write and not only did I know I had to write but I knew exactly what I wanted and had to write about. It came over me like nothing has ever hit me and I wrote and wrote for weeks. I started to research how to produce a screenplay or how to even write a screenplay so I did day and night for almost two months until I finished the first series pilot just recently.

During this writing period, the desert event and production job led me to a friend calling on an Emmy Award winning art director who then free-lanced me for his set productions just days after the introduction. At this time I had just completed writing the screenplay just days before this introduction and within two weeks I am on a commercial production set where I have met great people that are all likeminded and is a very unique thing to be apart of and can’t wait to work on another this week. The moral to my story is that my one dream of owning or running my own bar and music venue was met but I did always dream of more and never stopped dreaming of more. Looking back now at what I thought was this most horrific instances of my life have now created the partial basis of what I will write about and work in a whole new community full of likeminded creative individuals.

A like minded community is something I didn’t share when creating the two venues where I was alone with nothing else but my own vision. It took hard times to move my paths compass and has now been aligned with something greater. Something so great I could only dream about just a year ago and didn’t ever seem like it was within reach until today. Success is alwasy the sweetest revenge.

Never stop dreaming!