When I was 14 I had a LiveJournal.

Haha. Wow what a journey you’ve been through. Though most don’t agree, FaceBook, though an easy way to share, has become quite a crowded arena. Just like Chinatown. It’s just people-people everywhere, mindlessly grabbing up and munching on information without the need to assess or compute any information beyond the first gates of the brain.

But words meant a lot more. It had value. Right from the days of yore, the written word and the writer held such command. And not a lot of that remains now. People still forget to remember that though Game of Thrones is a famous TV show, it’s there because of the written work of George R. R. Martin.

I can very well associate with the feeling of being elite. Being known for something. Being the cremé.

Well written article. Hats off. Keep it coming.

P.S. You aren’t what that teen said. You are beautiful. (Cross my heart)