Sometimes a role model can be a company as well as a person. That’s the case for Patagonia, a company that is constantly asking itself and its customers: If we have 10 years left, how are we going to spend our time and money?

Patagonia’s Director of Environmental Initiatives, Mihela Hladin Wolfe, doesn’t have a perfect answer to that question and neither does the company. In fact, Patagonia gives away 1% of its annual revenue to other businesses who are working for positive futures because they acknowledge they’re no experts. …

Slow down, prioritise and practise the ‘slow build’…

It’s an exciting time in the world of Sharon van Etten. Her music career is flush with critical acclaim after the 2019 release of her fifth studio album ‘Remind me Tomorrow’ and the singer has also had a dynamic couple of years juggling an acting career in Netflix’s ‘The OA’, creating scores for films including ‘Strange Weather’ with Holly Hunter, becoming a mother AND going back to school to learn psychology — setting herself the goal of becoming a psychologist by the age of 50.

Sharon’s background is grassroots and the singer/actress…

Difficult situation ahead? Here are five tips from our Role Models on how to best navigate it.

1. Try stepping out of your head

It’s way more stressful to be in fear or to anticipate something, than it is to actually do something difficult” #Girlboss founder Sophia Amoruso told us when we asked her how she’s tackled risky situations throughout her career. “I spend a lot of time in my head — I’m an introvert, I psych myself out on things and I think it’s going to be so difficult and then when I’m doing it it’s like, “oh, it’s so easy!

2. Ask yourself: “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

It’s a simple trick…

Advice on how to succeed from Reshma Sohoni, Ann Miura-Ko & Tina Roth Eisenberg.

Poetry, naysayers and the four cornerstones of cooking….

During her time at Berkeley University studying poetry, Samin Nostrat saved $220 over seven months to be able to afford a celebratory meal at the legendary Chez Pannise restaurant in California. Whilst there, an impressed young Samin told staff how their soufflé could be served better (with a glass of milk!) and soon thereafter applied for a job at Alice Waters’ cooking institution.

As an inexperienced 19 year-old going into one of the world’s best kitchens, Samin’s lack of knowledge was constantly used against her and she had to work extra hard…

And are you hearing all you need to hear?

Photo: Kerstin Musl

One of the questions we ask all our guests on the Role Models podcasts and at our live events is:

“Which three foundational skills that you would advise people to learn early on which will carry them through their careers?”

We get a mixed bag of answers but one of the most common ones goes along the lines of “learn how to listen” or “be a better listener”. It’s a principle that’s easy to that’s preach, but what does it actually mean to practise better listening in our daily lives in…

Anna Soellner, director of communications at Reddit, reflects on female leadership, tech-lashes, and why you shouldn’t be a ‘candyass’

As director of communications at Reddit, Anna Soellner communicates
to and on behalf of 300 million active users spread across 138,000
different communities. Recorded live at The European Communications
Summit for
The Role Models Podcast hosted by David Noël, Anna shared her personal journey from working in governance alongside Sheryl Sandberg and US
senator Dianne Feinstein all the way up to her current position overseeing communications at “the front page of the internet”. This full interview transcript originally appeared on

Four things we learned from female role models this month.

  1. Learn out your boundaries and build a support system for yourself

Sophia Bush, actress and activist

“Sometimes you have to row your own boat up the stream until you get past the section of water that’s trying to drown you” Sophia told us. “I think of it [a support system] like making a mood board, that’s the visualisation. I pin up the things that were not OK and the weird loops that came out of those things, and then I pin up all the experiences next to them that…

It’s time to dispel the myth that leadership is must-take career step…

Role Models

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