Tabling and Clip boarding

It was a pretty calm week for service learning, so this week’s blog entry is going to be to the point and short. There is not a whole lot to tell, but here it is…

MPIRG’s weekly meetings are held every Monday evening in Coffman. This Monday was the first meeting I was able to attend. While Ian told me this week’s meeting was going to be a very low-key meeting, he did go into great detail the importance of tabling and clip boarding for events help by student organizations.

Some of the most important aspects of tabling and clip boarding include having the proper materials, confidence, and having the correct information. He also informed us on the importance of your tone of voice, gestures, and facial expressions. All of these done right will give you the skills to become a good negotiator.

Other than the speech about tabling and clip boarding, Ian was right. It was a very informal and short meeting. I expect next week’s meeting to be a little more invovled because the meeting will divide up into three different groups — environmental issues, social justice, and democracy. I have not decided which group I will be joining but I will gladly be a part of any of them.

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