Sneaky Tricks to Keep You from Unsubscribing

A compilation of the ways email marketers keep you from unsubscribing.

Make it hard

Can you find the unsubscribe link below?

Strategy: Make it hard for subscribers to see the required “unsubscribe” link.


  • Don’t link from the word “unsubscribe.” That would draw attention to it.
  • Link from a generic word, like “here.”
  • Suppress the link underline.
  • Seen elsewhere: Print the whole paragraph in small grey font.

Make them work for it

Even though you know their email, make them enter it again.

Ask them if they just need a little 30-day vacation.

Pretend like they don’t really want to go.

Don’t unsubscribe your users. Treat them like an abuser shouting while the victim walks out the door: “You don’t really mean that. I’ll see you soon. I’ll check in on you later!”

Strategy: Unsubscribe them temporarily.

How? Give them an email vacation. Then start again slowly.*

  • I unsubscribed on August 26th. How long before I receive the next email?
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