Experience Relaxation with Rolfing Sessions!

Owned by Beth Franzese, Certified Advanced Rolfer, the website Rolfing NYC contains information about Rolfing and its benefits. Beth is the sole practitioner in her office. Rolfing is considered to be a very effective and respected method of decreasing pain and tightness in the body. You can book appointments with Beth for Rolfing for Lack of Flexibility to Improve Flexibility in your body.

Sessions at Rolfing NYC can help you improve many types of soft tissue problems. Rolfing For Shoulder Pain, Joint Pain & Back Pain, Rolfing for Fibromyalgia and more. Rolfing is a technique of deep tissue manipulation targeted to realign the body and reduce the muscular and emotional tension. Rolfing has many benefits; you are not receiving a true Rolfing session unless your Rolfer is Certified by the Rolf Institute.

The Rolfing method of Structural Integration helps relieve

• Chronic Pain
 • Nerve Pain
 • Scoliosis
 • Poor Posture
 • Frozen Shoulder
 • Stress
 • Repetitive Motion Injury
 • Post Surgery discomfort
 • Joint Issues
 • Pregnancy Discomfort
 • Carpal Tunnel
 • Headaches and Migraines
 • Injuries from Whiplash, Accidents & Falls
 • Many structural signs of Aging

And more. The major aim of Rolfing NY is to help people minimize their physical pain, whether the reason behind it is congenital conditions or an injury. Go to Rolfingnyc.com for more information about Rolfing and about Beth Franzese and to make an appointment or ask questions.

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