The next toothbrush or prescription pill will be your AI supported and ambiant aware mobile monitoring device ?

150 years ago nobody would have thought that people go regularly to a dentist and brush their teeth twice a day. Many health problems could be avoided or delayed if people would change their behavior. From cardiovascular problems, cancer, diabetes to some psychological issues.

Will people tolerate/accept/embrace that your mobile “ambiant aware”* devices make an appointment with an online (real life — AI assisted) doctor to get counsel and prescribe an artficial intelligence/ambiant -assisted “behavioral monitoring device” instead of a pill ? Will you tolerate that your Amazon Echo or Google Home or Siri will get involved in your health behavior ? (it gets involved in your shopping, music listening, video watching, travel, search life anyway). Do you want to get embedded Snap stories from your healthy eating work-out friends ?

Would people trust companies like ubiome**

or freenome to get their health checked and instead of a pill they get a monitored behavioral change plan ?

Clearly the impact on our healthcare system would be revolutionary and most likely there would be a significant health improvement. But this is at least as game changing as self-driving cars and “the system” and the incumbents would need to accept a lot of change (as all participating humans)

* Ambiant awareness:

**Disclosure: I am a small investor via the AngelList syndicate of Tim Ferris