You Have to Fight a Monopoly with a Monopoly — and people thought about this before — in 1769

If you look up Wikipedia you find: “(IP) refers to creations of the intellect for which a monopoly is assigned to designated owners by law“ ”

With the incredible monopolization of the tech world by the Facebooks, Googles, Apples, J&J´s start-ups have to more and more think about patents again. The last years have been dominated by landgrab investing of open spaces — speed was of the essence — IP was mostly neglected. But do not forget that starting a company these days is cheap, staying first is expensive and incredible tough against the cutthroat competition of the new monpolists or the huge pre-emptive financing rounds happening these days. If you do not want to end-up as an aqui-hire ….have a clear patent strategy. That is the only legal “lock-in” you have. In particular as the next years will be more dominated by deep-tech investing. Look at niches where you can create significant IP. Be it AI, Neural Networks, MedTech or else. Google paid $4 B for the IP of Motorala not for the customer value. IP is mission critical in a monopolized world.

And…What about intellectual property created by artificial intelligence ! Given the challenges of defining ownership, inventions created purely by artificial intelligence should not be patentable ? Does this create super monopolies ?