How We Will Finally Be Found By The Right People At Real Eye Level

Rolf Schoenrock
Sep 27 · 6 min read


ROLFSYSTEM gives the ultimate instructions to finally build a CIRCLE OF REAL FRIENDS for the highest forms of contentment, happiness, sharing, respect, stability and life satisfaction.

It has nothing to do with Rolfing except the quest for inner balance:
R — Richness
O — Optimism
L — Love
F — Felicity

ROLFSYSTEM helps people to finally be found at eye level by a trusted work, business or life partner. Originating in Europe the ROLFSYSTEM has already helped thousands of people around the world through direct personal telephone counseling to build a CIRCLE OF TRUE FRIENDS at real eye level, which energetically shields from meeting a work, business or life partner whose awareness is too low for us.
The founder of ROLFSYSTEM is the native German Rolf Schoenrock.

As a studied psychologist, he began working as a journalist and a psychological and psychic/spiritual counselor, lived in Germany and California and traveled to more than 50 countries. Today he works internationally as a medium, clairvoyant, mind reader, profiler, animal communicator, mediator and mental life coach based in the Caribbean. ROLFSYSTEM cannot be passed on through texts, schools, classes, seminars, books or videos, but is always personalized through private telephone counseling. As a rule, two to three coaching sessions lasting about 20 minutes each should be sufficient for the necessary basics. In addition to the normal consulting minute rates, there are no extra costs.

Seven of the most important basics of ROLFSYSTEM are:

1. High-energy people always attract low-energy people, as they depend on the support of creators and doers who change things for the better. Our energy flows to them. As we spend more time with energetic people, their energy is shared with us and their friendship acts as protection or filter so that we will have fewer low-energy people in our lives in the future whose consciousness is too low for us. A known fact: If we stay in the same energy after a friendship or partnership has ended, our next friend or partner will not really be different from the ex.

2. Whenever people who have had a fulfilling life are asked about the places where they were happiest, it turns out that their contentment did not really depend on places, but on people whom they had contact with at these places.

3. If you are one of these creators and doers and lost too much energy to low-energy people, there is only one way to regain energy quickly: Spend some private time in a room or closed area with high-energy people who are known for changing things to the better for the world. These people are mostly in a state of inner balance and satisfaction. They are not looking for new friends.
But if you manage to get closer to them through projects, initiatives, foundations, volunteer work, honorary offices, charities, or similar events, those special people usually notice immediately that you are energetically similar to them. They will support you or even make friends with you and help you become part of a CIRCLE OF REAL FRIENDS. And this is how you are automatically found by those really good partners in private or professional / business life.

Just for the sake of completeness: A slower path for regaining personal energy works by reading books, meditation, contemplation, some social media involvement, courses, and seminars. Combining ways is always helpful.

4. It is also important to know how low-energy people think and feel, especially when you have fallen in love with one of them and eventually realize that you feel left behind “hungry and thirsty” again and again.
Our instinct is to protect ourselves from everything that does not do us any good. Therefore, the inner voice will tell you (and them!) that it would be better for you to have someone who treats you better. But their subconscious will not play along. It unintentionally causes them to set energy marks with you, similar to scent marks left by animals to show their claims. This unconscious situation prevents you from meeting someone who might be more suitable for you. High-energy people usually perceive these “odor traits” clearly and stay away from you because they feel that you might have too much contact with low-energy people who are not really good for you. This is how high-energy people protect themselves subconsciously.

It’s not that easy now, but we should do everything we can to spend some time with high-energy people, one or two hours should be enough. This acts as a cleaning process that erases unwanted energy brands from us. Only then we will have the necessary charisma to get to know high-energy people, who then will invite us privately, as is customary among friends. And only in a protected private area we have every chance to be found on equal energy levels by the right work/business or life partner.

5. Every thinking and feeling person can make decisions about his/her life HERE AND NOW. We can decide that we do NOT want to be a victim of a situation or a person. We are able to find out WHY someone is not so happy with a situation, with us or with our actions. Once we know the answer (if necessary with the help of psychologists, psychics, mind readers, profilers, mediators), we can choose a strategy to dissolve the situation for the better and create peace and harmony. And then everything that happened in the past is not really important anymore.

That which does not kill me makes me stronger.”

“Life demands the constant ability to let go.”

“In the very moment we are born we are bound to die.”

“The minus sign between birth and death date means life,

we decide whether the minus becomes a plus.”

”We can fight for almost anything, for career, health, recognition, friendship or more money, but never for the love of another person."

"Everyone is valuable, but not everyone is valuable for us!"

"One painful realization is that some relatives will never be our friends."

"Life tests make us realize faster, what or who is not good for us."

"What a pity, simple people are so confident, intelligent ones full of self-doubt."

"The best are being tested hardest"

"Living up for what is good for you is not selfishness, but survival training."

"If you let go, you have two hands free."

(Is it not really interesting that popular sayings are so often right?)

6. It does not help to run away from a person or a situation, we have to make a DECISION for our own well-being. In most situations, there are NO REAL ATTACKS from outside, the turbulence takes place IN OUR BRAIN. There exists no real reason to get involved in the games that others play. Some people gain their own power by making others feel bad.
Our clear mind and strong character will always create material and emotional stability for us.
NO ONE needs to live with anger, hatred, remorse, envy, jealousy or vengeance.

7. And last but not least:
Good luck with the right decision

— for the challenge of a non-predictable daily battle with jealousy, frustration, envy, anger, loneliness and the constant need to forgive others and ourselves, to start again from the beginning.

— or for a high quality modest life with the finally right people, who enjoy sharing with us, with harmony, understanding, and support, with a reduction in the daily effort of living, with material and psychological stability, lightness, balance, with a deep respect for each other and the wonderful feeling of being useful and really needed.

The only way to achieve important goals:

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Rolf Schoenrock

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Studied psychology, worked in journalism, then as a spiritual counselor, lived in Germany and California, traveled to over 50 countries, created

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