Obviamente, este no soy yo programando

Con la llegada del COVID-19 a nuestros países muchas ocurrencias han cambiado en nuestras vidas. Grandes cantidades de personas han sido enviadas a trabajar desde casa sin ningún tipo de entrenamiento y/o capacitación. Esto, desafortunadamente, puede estar acompañado de cierta incertidumbre.

Para mí, esta situación no trajo muchos cambios. Al ser un nómada digital y trabajando en mis viajes durante los últimos siete años, ya es parte de mi rutina la práctica de trabajo remoto, visitando distintos países con diversas zonas horarias, y en lugares como parques, cafés, hostales y espacios de co-working.

Con esto en mente, he tratado de…

Just ignore the php code we are talking about javascript and the npm drama in here

We live in an hyperconnected world, since the invention of internet whatever breaks down in one place of earth can trigger a chain of events that affect the whole planet.

Yet our systems are based on the most fragile and powerful thing it can exist, Trust.

We have two big systems that now are powering and affecting the life of millions on the planet, those are the open source system and the financial currency system both of this based on Trust

But how weak can trust be as the base of a system?. Yesterday 11 lines of code removed from…

I was reading a lot about docker and the container way of deploying apps. So I got interested and started playing with docker, here is what I learned.

For those who don’t know docker, Docker is an open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins. What docker does is that it acts like a container with its own configuration, dependencies and linux base so you can develop and test your application within an isolated environment. This leave you with a clean environment that you can use in your machine or deploy to a digital ocean droplet.

I gonna asume…

Rolando Perez

Quarantined Digital Nomad, Foodie and Software Engineer. Teamfight Tactics Ranked Player.

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