Systems Based on Trust, the 11 lines of codes that breaks the internet and the financial meltdown of 2008.

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Just ignore the php code we are talking about javascript and the npm drama in here

We live in an hyperconnected world, since the invention of internet whatever breaks down in one place of earth can trigger a chain of events that affect the whole planet.

Yet our systems are based on the most fragile and powerful thing it can exist, Trust.

We have two big systems that now are powering and affecting the life of millions on the planet, those are the open source system and the financial currency system both of this based on Trust

But how weak can trust be as the base of a system?. Yesterday 11 lines of code removed from npm practically broke down the whole javascript ecosystem, Babel was down, Ember was down and React-Native was down some other libraries too, 11 lines of code spreading a fire that affected millions of persons in a matter of seconds. Doesn’t it sounds familiar?.

Years ago that same trust betrayed us when we trusted the value of our money on bankers and traders. We thought the market will regulate itself, it can’t happen (a meltdown?) and then it happened. Greedy traders and bankers generated a flame that grew into an inferno, melting down our financial system, million of assets vanished, markets collapsing and then the government had to save them with bailout packages, yet the damage was done, that trust was betrayed.

So trust have the power to give us the money to build companies, buy houses, build software faster and solve problems. But also give us the fragility of losing all in an instant.

This is just my personal reflection, Is a matter of trust? or is a mater to who we are trusting?. In us reside the power to think about in who we trust? and how we address the vulnerabilities in our trust based systems.

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Quarantined Digital Nomad, Foodie and Software Engineer. Teamfight Tactics Ranked Player.

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