Opinions of Managing College Life

Students have their own way of handling school. Many either struggle to handle to the work load they took on, or they find a system that works for them and they stick to that system. I was recently able to ask some people about how they are managing their time here at the University of Minnesota. The basic question that I commonly asked was “Are you able to handle your coursework with other activities you have right now?”

Here are some brief responses (NOTE: both pf these students I spoke with prefer to remain anonymous, so they will be given fake names for the time being.)

Helen: Well, being that I’m only taking 15 credits, my workload isn’t too bad. I’m only currently in one club right now that only meets up on Wednesday nights for about a couple of hours. And I am still managing time to get homework done while having a social life. So my college experience is going well so far for my freshman year.

Karen: I’m on the rowing team, which means having two hour practices for six days a week. It’s a tremendous time commitment, but it’s something that I personally enjoy doing, and it keeps off the “Freshman 15” if you know what I’m saying. My homework is pretty hard though. I struggle to get work in on time for Chemistry because the problems are tough. But they eventually do get done. I’m not having too bad of a time here at the U of M. Just the homework I guess. But hey, who isn’t struggling with their homework nowadays?

As you can see, there was a difference between the way each person answered the question. Some understand that the work load for college is tough, but they manage to stay strong and handle the what comes their way. It’s not the same like that for everyone. But everyone has their own priorities and they have their own experiences that to they’re aiming to fix and make better and more manageable. College is hard, but it does get better.