It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

After reading this, I can only assume that the authors are blind faith followers of Hillary. This explains how Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams got so much wrong. First, Bernie’s support did not fade, it increased as the primaries went by. The fact that every caucus and primary that Hillary won were loaded with voter issue, including voters being removed from the voter registration rolls after voting for decades, long voter lines, and finding ways to not register new voters because they would vote for Bernie. Also the exit polls in those states were not even close to the official results, which is why the DNC and Hillary canceled exit polls in California. In California, while Bernie was filling stadiums with supporters, Hillary could barely fill a school gym with supporters. In addition, there is video showing some of people in San Diego County using white-out on ballots that had already been cast.

As for your “blame game”, Bernie supporters refused to support the candidate who orchestrated the fraud and theft of the candidate whom the majority of people voted for. With the DNC Superdelgates deciding that Hillary would be their candidate, no matter what, even if it meant cheating and stealing the nomination from Bernie. Never mind that he had the majority of voters supporting him. Stating that those of us who voted our conscience instead of voting for a candidate who was under investigation for criminal activity and a puppet of the banks and moneyed elite are responsible for Trump and should apologize to Hillary is complete blind ignorance. Bernie could have easily defeated Trump,but the DNC and Hillary supporters were so obsessed with having our first woman president that when it appeared Hillary would loose your obsession turned to fanaticism, which meant you would do anything to get her elected. Hilary is the one who needs to apologize, not Bernie nor Jill nor the progressives who supported them.

If you want to know who is to blame for Trump, look no farther than Hillary and the Does Not Care party. Hillary’s actions that alienated the progressives and sent us running away from the kleptocracy that she and her blind fanatics created was a dynamic of her own creation. The authors of this deluge of printed diarrhea and their ilk are the ones who are to blame for Trump. They used rhetoric to sway the uneducated, pointed fingers at who was to blame, and attacked anyone who did not agree with them, as did Trump. But, if you want an apology, here you are. I apologize for not taking actions sooner to stop this travesty of justice, I am sorry that Hillary was not indicted for her crimes, I’m sorry that, because of fanatics like you, the DNC is now a conservative party that are puppets of the 1% and mega banks, I’m sorry that both Hillary and Trump are the first leaders of the Great American Kleptocracy where criminal activity is a pre-requisite for leadership, and I’m sorry that the America as I knew it was killed by the Dragon Queen and her mindless minions. Thank all of you for setting the rights of the working class and minorities back 150 years. Look in the mirror. That is who you need to blame for Trump.

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