“Fuck it!” Two Ways

There are few phrases in the english language more satisfying to say than “Fuck it!” There’s something truly liberating about those two words in conjunction, especially when context suggests their use. I would venture to say that blurting the phrase is a form of instant gratification, like honest laughter. I would also argue that there are two main uses of the phase when you boil it down — one productive, one less so.

The first common use of “Fuck it!” is when you just don’t fucking feel like it, you’re over it. You know, when you’ve been writing a paper until 4 a.m. and it’s about a page too short, but you’re fed up and say “Fuck it! Good enough” and punt it through the online submission system. Or when you told yourself you’d get out of bed by 6 a.m. in order to finish the paper you should have stayed up until 4 a.m. writing, but when your alarm goes off you say “Fuck it! Cs are fine” and go back to sleep. Saying “Fuck it!” in this manner is essentially you excusing yourself of your obligations and giving up — you let your id take over and watch your dreams die…not a great use of these magical words.

The second category of use is essentially the opposite. Instead of letting yourself fall back asleep when that big assignment is due in few hours you say “Fuck it!” and swing your legs off the edge of your bed and drag yourself to the library. This use is especially helpful in situations where you’ve over thought, you’ve come up with a thousand excuses and you are terrified of the failure that might ensue. This is when the phrase is your best friend. Use that bite-sized chunk of instant gratification to galvanize yourself into signing up for that class that’s maybe a bit out of your league or talking to that cute stranger at the bar who’s definitely way out of your league. If she turns you down…Fuck it!

The phrase can be the source of your shortcomings or the reason you take risks and make things happen when you least want to. Like a microdose energy shot this quick instance of profanity can give you the extra little boost to get shit done. Start focusing on how you use the phrase; whenever you find yourself saying it, aloud or in your head, be sure to double check on which category you’re falling into.