Find the treasure that patience is

Rushing to make decisions, usually has serious costs against us

Everything in today’s society pushes us to move fast, to decide quickly, to think fast, to love fast. But this maelstrom usually leaves us empty and beaten. If we supposedly all this speed to live, will make us live longer and better, why are not we happy, nor do we feel satisfied? This is precisely where patience appears.

Sometimes it does not seem possible to vary the pace of our lives, and to continue living in today’s society. But it is always possible to do so.

Intend to have everything already, to enjoy it yesterday and to be happy from the day before yesterdey, is an irrational option that our intellect should be ashamed to validate.

To want everything and to want it already, is a compulsion very typical of today’s consumer societies, proposes a series of challenges that are really unattainable: we have to have studies, a title, a career, a couple, a family, a house, a car , And of course, because we are ‘animalists’, a dog or a cat. We need to have it everything as soon as possible, because it depends on it to be successful and only being successful we will be happy.

Then we study flying over the immense valleys of knowledge, without actually landing on any of its green pastures, we just pass over, to pass the exams, after which the little information that somehow remained in our memory, is quickly discarded , Because we never had interest in learning, we just wanted to pass the course and get a degree.

And so we are looking for a couple, someone who meets more or less the standards that I need for success, pleasing to the eye, who likes to dress, who speaks little but well, who is willing to accompany me in my career to success and hopefully with something of money, to finance my venture. Love is a secondary thing. This is really dreadful. We are convinced that we are in love, and the worst thing is that we also convince ourselves that this “infatuation” will become love at some point. We miss all the difficult points about our couple, because we will have time after to help him, to correct him, or worse, love will heal everything. And of course we have the wedding of the century, we spend a few million that we do not have, but that some Bank will facilitate us, because they also believe in our happiness and we marry someone we probably not only do not know, but we do not like, but we do it, we got married.

Nor do I enter into the issue of children, because after the previous marriage breakdown, it seems that it falls by its own weight.

And work? Well, like the rest, I’m looking for the one who can give me the most money, if it’s not what I like, that’s the least, because it’s about work and nobody likes work. Once I get into a company, the goal is to ascend as soon as possible, no matter what cost, on our partners, on my family or on myself. Any price is valid to achieve success and of course, when I achieve success all the other actors of my life will be equally happy that I.

So we go through life, moving everything at a fast pace, because I urge to have it already, I want to be happy and I will not be until I have, until I achieve, until I do, until something else or someone else goes through my life.

The happiness that comes from within us, no, I do not know it, nor interest me, would only delay me.

Even when life gets me on the high-speed train that will lead me to a supposed success that will give me happiness, I have to keep my center calm, stable and at peace. No one forces me to get into the modern hurricane and leave my well-being in the hands of everyone but me.

And here patience is indispensable.

We will not find the patience in a course of fifteen days to reach enlightenment, nor in the workshop of modern techniques for self-realization. Patience is in us and we have only to exercise it.

Let us stop our impulses. We do not allow them to substitute us when making decisions.

When in the morning we go running to work and do not eat breakfast because it does not give us time, we stop, sit down to the table and enjoy a good coffee. Let’s take a deep breath. We value the seconds that we dedicate and we keep that in our memory. Tomorrow, in addition to coffee, let’s eat a cookie, calmly, as if no one were going to rush over our food to snatch it, as it really is. Let’s save the moment. Each day add one more moment, one extra breath, one stretch of arms, a good song on the radio. Let’s not run.

With the days of doing these little exercises in the different areas of our lives, we will see changes. Little by little we will find out how much is enjoyed by just quitting running and the short time it takes us to do things in peace, as patience bears fruit.

And suddenly, without realizing it, you will see that your reason will realize that your well-being and any achievement derived from it, comes from your work with yourself and not from how quickly you reach the standards of others, which do not fit to your life.

It’s not about getting to work and telling the boss that the report he wanted for today in the afternoon will have it until the other week, because I’m doing it with peace of mind. Equally we can not stop being responsible with our environment, including the work. But we have to respect ourselves enough to tell the boss if he’s asking me for more than I can give with a rational effort. If my job pretends to do the chores of three people in the middle of one day’s work, he’s asking me too much and he’s taking advantage of me and I’m worth much more than the promises of false welfare that I get in return for mortgaging my Health & Wellness.

Let us become aware of our reality, of who we are, of what we want and move to obtain it, without running, with patience, with the certainty that time will play in our favor to put us in front of what we want at the right moment.

Exercise patience.