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Roland Grootenboer
Aug 28, 2017 · 4 min read

Here’s a quick overview on how our goals and reviews look like at Blendle. I draw this piece up because I notice a lot of people are thinking about the same issues. How to do a good review cycle and work with goals is one of them. Showing you how do this done at Blendle might help you set it up at your place. It’s work in progress, but I hope it helps. Here we go!


We (well, Rick) build a tool where we keep track of our company, team and personal goals. Above you see the overview section.

Team goals

This is the team section (of team HR) where we keep track of our team goals for the quarter. This is an example for a very practical OKR for office management (which is part of team HR). The OKR process for teams is a company wide rhythm. At the beginning of the quarter, the company objective is announced. Then every team has brainstorm sessions (sometimes with the MT) and comes up with a clear set of goals after that. The final version of the OKR’s are approved by the MT to make sure everybody is aligned and working towards the same thing. Every month, the team does an evaluation (are we on track?) and sends this to everybody. This way we hold each other accountable. At the end of the quarter we evaluate (sometimes with the MT).

Personal goals

When the company and team goals are aligned and set, the personal goals come into play. They don’t have to align with the OKR’s necessarily, because it focusses on the person getting better. But it is good to keep the other goals in mind: is the company going in a direction that align with where I want to be. This is an example of my goals from Q1 this year. During 1on1’s with your team lead you can discuss your progress on these goals and adjust them if necessary. The scores aren’t taken in to account for salary raises. It’s about development, not money. These goals are also the bases for the performance reviews and the ongoing feedback. This clear set of goals makes it way easier for peers and team leads to give valuable feedback.

Review cycle

This is the of the overview page for the feedback round, which we do twice a year.
It starts with a self review and asking for feedback from your peers. Everybody works with the same form. After that your team lead also fills in a form for you. They all do it ‘blind’, without knowing what others filled in about you.
When all the input is gathered, we (person, team lead and HR) sit down and go through all the feedback. Together we highlight themes and dig deeper if necessary. After that, everybody comes up with new personal goals, based on the feedback.

The form (and the feedback) is structured in work, drive and fit.
The goals are on the right, so you are able to base your feedback (for someone else) on the stuff someone wants to grow in and has worked on. At the top, we added some examples to give people an idea on how it’s done. There are also questions at each section to make sure the same sections are covered company wide.




So that’s it. There is more to it of course, but hopefully this helps in setting this up (or improving this) at your place. I’m also really curious how other companies approach this, because this is far from perfect and I’d love to improve it. So feel free to contact me at roland@blendle.com. I’m happy to talk you through it and hear your thoughts/ideas on this.

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