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Primablock is an Ethereum smart contract SaaS that handles the accounting and remittance work for the ICO pooling and investing process. My two co-founders and I started it as a side project for our small community, in response to friction in our workflows. In late summer 2017, we launched to ~50 people. A few months later, users started to pour in from around the world at a startling rate. During my tenue, we served a few hundred thousand users and processed ~$500M transaction volume.

In this article, I’d like to share with you my design process.

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An early user testimonial from PB’s active Telegram support channel.

User research: Discovering the needs of the ICO investment community

We analyzed user behavior to understand the workflows and pain points of our target. We had the fortune of being part of the community we were building for, so empathy was a precursor. …

A UX case study that shows how my team and I revamped a legacy digital product with great UX and UI improvements.

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The challenge

The startup is an EU company that has a fleet management product that allows managers of fleets of vehicles instruct their drivers with trips and jobs. The managers also have the opportunity to look into vehicle maintenance, inventory, and driver trip history. Our mission was to understand the product in order to overhaul the design with improved usability and some new features, like allowing real-time observation and manager-drive chat.


This was my first professional design project at my first agency job. …


Rolando Mathias

Product Designer 💻📱crafting experiences in Stockholm. From Brooklyn. Crossfit'er 🏋️‍

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