Developer Creates Programming Language as Joke Attempt

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — In the midsts of his daily morning coffee, Dennis Torvalds, a freelance software developer, thought of a seemingly brilliant idea.

“I was browsing my usual subreddits, upvoting as usual, and it just hit me. Why not create a programming language around the latest meme?” Dennis went on. “It will be hilarious!”

The language, selenagomezscript, appropriately named after a running meme in which the artist Selena Gomez is replaced with a can of Doritos, requires a developer to place their favorite pictures of Gomez into an expressive collage.

A selenagomezscript program printing “Hello World” to the console.

The language has already gathered 540 stars on Github. Developers have already started Tweeting short snippets of it. The future looks bright for selenagomezscript, as it compiles into manuscript, another popular language.

“Can you imagine someone actually using this language in a legitimate project? Hehe!” Dennis continued. He then compared his language to other quirky programming languages that were released earlier this year. TheWalkingDeadDarryl (sic), requiring itself to be typed with a crossbow. And buttscript, recently used to create a clone of Tetris in as little as 12,000 lines of code, can have the developer type “poop” as many as 91 times in a row to execute one command.

“I learned a lot. And I can always put this on my resume.” — Claimed Dennis. When asked if he was planning on using selenagomezscript in a project in the future, Dennis said he’d have to think about it. “It has a long way to go.”

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