Keys to a Successful CX Program: Start the Movement

Steps to ingrain customer experience into your processes and culture

Author — Dayton Semerjian

This blog is the last in the three-part series. In it, I cover what I call Advanced and Sustaining Moves to instill heightened awareness of the customer experience (CX) throughout your company’s processes and culture.

The Advanced and Sustaining Moves come into play only after the Mandatory Moves, which are the ones covered in the first two blogs in the series. In the first, “Keys to a successful CX program: Building teams and engaging hearts,” I made the case that to establish your customer experience program you need to communicate an emotional case for change. In the second, “Keys to a successful CX program: Engaging minds and wallets,” I talked about steps you must take to secure and preserve funding.

To be successful, it is imperative that you complete the Mandatory Moves before attempting the Advanced and Sustaining Moves. You must put the groundwork in place to build a firm foundation for your program.

Advanced Moves

  • Ride the waves. Tie customer experience to major initiatives already in the works that have resources and have already gained mindshare. Use the voice of the customer feedback to help accelerate them. For CA, the focus on customer experience tied in nicely with the movement to adopt the Agile development methodology, which is based on importance of getting customer feedback on a regular basis.
  • Edit the DNA. The hardest thing in the world is to change behavior. The fast path or shortcut to change is to change core processes, to give greater consideration to customer needs.
  • Turn on the spotlight. Highlight successes and give people and teams rewards and recognition for getting customer experience right. That will inspire them to keep driving forward.

Sustaining Moves

  • Protect the king and queen. Keep the CEO and the executive team personally engaged and updated by providing updates in relevant business terms. Remember, top-down support is oxygen to your program.
  • Herd the cats. Create a governance structure to keep a cadence going. I recommend a two-tiered approach. An executive council can approve strategy. Engage them in decision-making by giving them choices. An operating council can implement initiatives to completion. This structure is critical to sustaining alignment and keeping execution moving forward.
  • Stay relevant. You can’t overstate the need to improve customer experience. Driving a cadence of communication is incredibly important and powerful. Talking about improved business results never gets old. Consider branding your CX program.
  • Start the movement. Implementing your customer experience program may seem like an uphill battle as you convince and persuade to change behavior. But at some point, as customer empathy within the company increases, things will turn and what was an executive-led movement will become an employee-led movement. Once you hit this tipping point, your progress will increase exponentially. At CA, one way we have increased customer empathy is through a new program called the Customer Engagement Program where non-customer-facing employees contact customers to offer assistance.

I’ve now shared with the you the ten moves that will enable your CX program to launch, survive and thrive. The Mandatory Moves are: engage the hearts, engage the minds, and engage the wallets. The Advanced Moves are: ride the waves, edit the DNA, and turn on the spotlight. The Sustaining Moves are: protect the king and queen, herd the cats, stay relevant, and start the movement.

You can watch this video of me presenting this material at the Medallia Experience 2016 conference.

Which moves moved you?


Originally published at on September 13, 2016.

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