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Sep 21 · 2 min read

The Business Dept is happy to announce that as of Saturday Sept 21 02:00 UTC, the issuance of ROMAD smart token has ended. Distribution is now complete. Valid TGE (token sale) and bounty participants duly registered in the ROMAD CABINET should have their corresponding RDNA allocation in their private wallet addresses. We also recognize the last-minute delays to the timely distribution as we granted a two-week deadline extension to include our Korean, Singaporean and Indonesian communities who weren’t properly carried along by their administration.

Addressing recent inquires, if you do not have RDNA tokens in your private addresses, do be reminded that

1. ROMAD will not be liable for any incorrectly filled data in your account cabinet.

2. You have failed to register an account in the cabinet before the stipulated and extended deadlines.

3. Your account has been flagged by our Cabinet as breaching the terms of bounty/TGE participation.

4. ROMAD Support will no longer be handling requests for bounty and TGE tokens as the community has had over a year to register their ROMAD cabinet accounts.
[This decision is final.]

Shortly, the first of our exchange partners will announce ROMAD listing information, so we will take this opportunity to revisit a few things as we approach listing:

First of all, we have limited control over all exchange listing processes and cannot announce ROMAD listing before they do. We will only announce the listing after each exchange feels prepared to do so.

Upon listing, you will have two (2) options, you can either:

1. trade RDNA tokens on the cryptocurrency exchange

2. or preserve your RDNA for the launch of our new CaaS blockchain incubation partner project. [for further information, see previous announcements.]

Tackling liquidity, we’ve taken these past months to renegotiate a token lockup period for our private sale investors as well as executed an exclusive buyback program in the CABINET for our largest public sale contributors. Team and advisor tokens will also be under lock and key. We will be releasing details of these Lockup Periods soon, as we hope to build a viable token economy pending dAPP development on a truly robust security network.

Please refer to our Token Business Model to learn more about what your RDNA can do for you in the ROMAD cybersecurity ecosystem. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/rdna-token-business-model-romad-systems

Thank you for choosing ROMAD.

Yevgen Melnyk
ROMAD Systems

ROMAD systems

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ROMAD is the world’s first decentralized True-Proactive Endpoint Defense Ecosystem, Next-Generation Cryptowallet and Marketplace. #Blockchain #Crypto

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