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Over the last quarter and a half, ROMAD secured an exclusive partnership with a corporate blockchain and incubation provider for existing blockchain projects. During this time, we have been silently testing a pilot program with the project's userbase and community services using updated versions of our cybersecurity endpoint defense system, RED 2.0.40197, which will be made available for download today.

We are glad to announce the pilot has been very successful in strain tests for our Server systems, AI and Machine Learning systems with this large influx of new users, as well as providing insights in how to enhance our blockchain migration, the RED dAPP, which has been selected to be the security base for these projects, their users and community.

At the time of this announcement, we have yet to obtain consent to disclose the name of this provider to whom we are bound by NDA, but rest assured, details will be released soon enough as we have a coordinated timeline to jointly launch services, which would include our special CaaS partnership (Cybersecurity-as-a-Service).

Upon its launch this August, we will also release listing information for the ROMAD token. Hopefully, trading will be announced by our exchange partner before then.
As a courtesy to ROMAD, all holders of RDNA will have access to an exclusive swap of their RDNA tokens for our partner tokens. These tokens are to be interchangable, so you can either sell RDNA at the stated cryptoexchange or swap RDNA for our partner`s tokens as these two tokens will work hand-in-hand.

We are well aware of how long our community have waited, and how they continue to wait while we build and expand on our business and models. We would like you to know we have done so to provide a fungible token before listing. We are thus grateful for your support.

Be encouraged, our community will always be the first to know and take advantage of coming and exclusive business offers.

We seek only to provide you with the best.

NOTICE: ROMAD v2.0.40197 is now available to the public for download.
+ Now supports Windows 10 version 1903 (19H1)
+ Major feature upgrade: Genetic Sequences for the cross-process detection. The overall detect reliability increased. The false positives ration should (we hope) go down significantly.
+ Cross-process Genetic Sequences for the following malware families are added: RedBoot, WannaCrypt, Ergop, L0rdix, Bebloh, Samcrex, Reveton, Tescrypt, Wadhrama, Dorv, CoinMiner, Cerber, PainLocker, Carberp
- Fixed Skype compatibility

Signed by Yevgen Melnyk, CEO.

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ROMAD systems

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