✅Partnership with ROMAD in the prism of Jinse

Partnership with well-known companies around the world can bring an interesting idea to the whole new level of development. The main goal is to provide the necessary help for the qualitative problem solvation.

When we are talking about the most needed thing that our modern society is looking for, the transparency and data security are among the toppoints that got into our mind.

Today ROMAD is a great company with a real-time working unique technology that brings the highest level of protection to the biggest companies in the entire globe.

Starting a partnership with ROMAD nowadays is a perfect investment for the future of your corporation.

The biggest internet news agency of China, Jinse, once again posted an article about us and how the ROMAD project received an EU financial plan from Horizon 2020.

As you all know, ROMAD security program became a part of the EU government’s Horizon 2020 financial plan and will be supported by the Innovation Alliance.

The Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation Program has nearly 80 billion euros in funding and does not include private investment. The program is one of the seven flagship plans of the European 2020 strategy, operated by the Innovation Union.

Horizon 2020 approves only best projects that are ready to face science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges.

The main goal of the Horizon 2020 is to build an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive future and ROMAD company is proud to be a part of this creation process.