Yes, there are tons of projects out there that do not need blockchain to function. Granted. So, tons of scams and if not scams, simple money grabs. So why blockchain? Why restructure RED v.1.0 back to beta when current RED is functioning beautifully without any blockchain? Why the blockchain enabled RED 2.0 upgrade? Yes, the very question being, what’s the romance between ROMAD and the blockchain?

Well, for starters, we need to know how the blockchain functions and what it represents.

A true decentralized blockchain is primarily an indelible and immutable ledger of transactions. Suffice it to say, the most powerful and endearing feature of blockchains.

Another feature is the issue of being trustless to operate. Trustless, not as in the absence of it, but in the redundancy of trust. For example, some blockchains are built to enable a trustless environment for the execution of automated agreements between persons like the Ethereum Virtual Machine. In that sense, any machine on the virtual network can make changes to the blockchain ONLY by being vetted against the strictest rules of a network wide consensus agreement, and only by passing in glorious colors can those changes be made. And so, in the true essence of things, such a machine doesn’t need any trust from unknown peers. Much unlike the world we’ve lived in until now, where our rules of consensus are different. Where we first need to know a party, or some third party, before we can trust another person. Hence, the term trustless.

Analogy Depicting Traditional Trust Contracts from Blockchain Trustless Smart Contracts

So yes, RED 2.0 is designed by ROMAD to solve two major problems in the digital security industry.

The First of those are the LIES! Yes, many cyber security firms and antivirus solutions have faced hundreds of lawsuits and thousands of accusations of fraud, misconduct, and rumors surrounding the manufacturing of malware. Wow. Just stunning. Yet, in the face of all these allegations and the clamor for transparency in the field of cybersecurity, virtually nothing has been done by these mega corps and security firms to put the rumors to bed!

So, ROMAD is taking the initiative because this shouldn’t be a problem since this is already covered by a decentralized blockchain’s Truth or Dare transparency nature. With blockchain, it’s either tell the truth or provide the computationally improbable resource to backup your lie and reveal yourself an impostor. It’s as simple as that. So, tackling the bull by the horns, ROMAD is moving their innovative and patented technology, which includes RED, onto the blockchain to be the first fully transparent Digital Security firm in the Global Cybersecurity Market and the world to boot! And this, by adopting a truly decentralized blockchain!

The second inescapable reason of why ROMAD needs to migrate to the blockchain has more to do with giving security end users much flexibility and control over their own data and less to do with the extended capabilities (despite some nascent pitfalls) of the blockchain!

What does ROMAD mean by this? It means ROMAD intends to give the end users the ability to trade with their data. These days whenever you click on any software agreement, everyone is interested in your data. Either personalized or depersonalized, either legally obtained or illicitly obtained, many don’t care and most get almost nothing for such a startling breach of contract by their governing cybersecurity firms. Another advantage by using blockchain is ROMAD single-handedly will make data culled from all malware attacks public to the ROMAD ecosystem and the whole cybersecurity industry!

So, how will this data be provided? Depersonalized and anonymous, that’s how! Another powerful feature of trustless smart-contract enabled blockchains.

So, do they want to build on an existing blockchain like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or TRON? Or does ROMAD intend to build its own blockchain from the ground up like it did its technology solution now patented across 29 countries of the world? (and that’s counting Great Britain and the United States)

Yes, you guessed it, but the new blockchain has to meet certain criteria as provided below:

1. Performance

Refer to the mathematical model ROMAD specialists have created in their Whitepaper, under the section User Enrollment, if you haven’t read it to know there are 0.65 attacks on the hypothetical Worldwide Endpoint on average! Wow! So, we get the peak workload of 7530 malware attacks per second! Without mincing words, you can tell at this early stage of blockchain, there are no Proof-of-Work based blockchains out there that can handle this transaction rate!

2. Power consumption

One more pressing issue of PoW-based blockchains is its power consumption! It is calculated, Mining now consumes more than certain countries. Whoa! That’s huge. It is wise to recall a colossal portion of our world electricity comes from non-renewable sources such as coal, gas and nuclear power plants. This is why PoW-based approach should be discouraged in the long run.

3. Disk space.

Certain PoS-derived consensuses have this problem. The digital signatures are starting to consume a significant part within the transaction record. This is Disk space that could be used for something else. This criterium is especially relevant when you realize for ROMAD Endpoint Defense, the blockchain is to grow. The more malware attacks, the more users there are, the faster the growth.

4. True decentralization.

Again, PoS consensuses are often blamed for the huge potential of centralization. Certain token owners that hold significant token amounts can impose their decisions on others.

5. Sabotage counteraction.

Any blockchain (including ROMAD’s) is only needed when it contains no garbage data. That is key!

So, with all this in mind, the team is planning to implement its PROOF-OF-REPUTATION blockchain consensus algorithm on a DAG-type blockchain to meet all requirements above and is yet scalable for RED’s use.

So, why blockchain?

There is just no other way. The blockchain is ROMAD SYSTEMS response to your needs and those of the globe for the entire cybersecurity sector. Get ROMAD ENDPOINT DEFENSE today ( v1.0 link directly below) and be a part of the journey ushering in the new age of global security using tested state-of-the-art technologies to halt bad actors in cyber space and Zero-day threats.

Keep in mind the team behind ROMAD consists of international elites from Ukraine, Russia, China, Singapore, South Korea and US, and their Research & Development team successfully developed the Morpher obfuscating compiler that was sold to Gemalto, the world’s biggest holding which supplies both banking, SIM, ID and security solutions to 150 countries around the world! So, it’s good to know the appetite, ingenuity, and aptitude of this team for success are still razor-sharp as ever.

ROMAD ENDPOINT DEFENSE (RED) 2.0 is scheduled for release this year as a dAPP on a surrogate blockchain pending the time ROMAD’s Proof-of-Reputation Mainnet will be up and running.

To learn more about ROMAD, its team, its EU sponsorship, partners, and patented technology visit www.romad.io and www.romad-systems.com. You can also join its telegram community (can be found below)

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