ROMAD recruits Master of Business MING QU to its Special ADVISORY COUNCIL.

With a combined experience of 7 years in the business community, ROMAD welcomes Ming Qu into the Advisory Board.

Ming comes to ROMAD as a Master in his own right. A Master in Business from Chung-Ang University as well as in Economics from the Central University of Korea. He is also Director at the Block Chain Circulation Association of Korea and the Capital Union of China and Korea. Ming has always been a strong supporter of Blockchain and an early blockchain Investor.

What Ming Qu is most notable for is Quest Capital. He is the founder of Quest Capital, a leading global management agency spanning blockchain and industrial risk investments. The investment fund’s focus includes areas like artificial intelligence, large data, blockchain and ‘cutting edge technologies’, of which ROMAD stands out. ROMAD’s patented technology, its GENETIC and GENERIC GENOME SEQUENCES™ for its innovative game-changing approach to protecting digital systems did not go unnoticed by Qu and Quest Capital. RED (ROMAD ENDPOINT DEFENSE) capitalizes on proactively eradicating rouge and malware attacks for all IoT devices. This innovative solution is also going to incorporate ROMAD’s featured Sandbox Crypto Wallets as the company, ROMAD SECURITY HOLDING LTD, expands into blockchain introducing the ROMAD AEGIS White Hat PLATFORM (RAP) in 2019. This Cryptocurrency Sandbox solution will comprise of cold wallets for end users and hot wallets for crypto-exchanges and crypto hedge fund managers who are the target for crypto-jacking and zero-day threats. 
Quest Capital’s business ventures also involves Venture Capital, Consultancy, as well as Team and Asset Management. A stark inclusion in this class is the ROARK FUND, facilitators to the ROMAD PROJECT.

Other noteworthy partners include Top crypto-exchanges like Binance, Okex, Houbi, Bithumb and much more.

When it comes to the startups Qu has personally been involved with, a trove of successes come to mind. Quest Capital and its CEO have managed a portfolio of feats in the cryptocurrency industry; feats like the PundiX project, Project TokenPay, Project Proximax, the Tzero project and many others like them.

It all goes without saying Ming is a valuable and welcomed asset to Project ROMAD, as we seek to open a new chapter in our growth and meet the challenges, and goals, we set for ourselves in this Quarter. We are honored to have Qu’s invaluable business expertise and support. Go Romad!

Stay tuned for more developments from the team. In the meantime, to learn more about Project Romad’s Digital Security innovations, its patented technology as well and ROMAD’s game changing approach, visit or their social community group on Telegram

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