The year 2019 was an illuminating year for ROMAD and whilst filled with pockets of challenges and victories, it was quite an exciting year overall.

We began the year by finishing up the ROMAD ICO, and as we know, the previous year 2018, has been quite challenging for fundraising, which led to tentative plans to launch an IEO later this year after much deliberation with our partners, many heavy stakeholders, as well as an honest introspection on our plans as well as the roadmap set before us.

The Business Dept is happy to announce that as of Saturday Sept 21 02:00 UTC, the issuance of ROMAD smart token has ended. Distribution is now complete. Valid TGE (token sale) and bounty participants duly registered in the ROMAD CABINET should have their corresponding RDNA allocation in their private wallet addresses. We also recognize the last-minute delays to the timely distribution as we granted a two-week deadline extension to include our Korean, Singaporean and Indonesian communities who weren’t properly carried along by their administration. …

Dear ROMAD Community,
Beginning from Sept the 1st, 2019, ROMAD will be distributing the smart token RDNA to the appropriate ETH private addresses registered by all valid TGE and bounty participants in the ROMAD CABINET. You have until 01–09–2019 23:59 UTC to ensure your specified wallet address in the ROMAD cabinet is accurate as ROMAD will not be liable for any incorrectly filled data. (Contact Admins before then, if you do not yet know how to whitelist your private wallet correctly)

All CLET bounty clients are required to withdrawal their allocated RBDN to their private wallet addresses. Do NOTE that…


Over the last quarter and a half, ROMAD secured an exclusive partnership with a corporate blockchain and incubation provider for existing blockchain projects. During this time, we have been silently testing a pilot program with the project's userbase and community services using updated versions of our cybersecurity endpoint defense system, RED 2.0.40197, which will be made available for download today.

We are glad to announce the pilot has been very successful in strain tests for our Server systems, AI and Machine Learning systems with this large influx of new users, as well as providing insights in how to…

We are glad to have yet another Market Vertical report of the global Endpoint Detection and Response market include ROMAD in its key players for the Global EDR sphere alongside the likes of big industry player Intel Security, Deep Instinct, Symantec and Tripwire. It is a sphere that’s expected to grow from 812.65 million dollars in 2017 to USD 3,645.38 million by the end of 2024! And yes, this is expected to be at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 23.91%!

This recent report was compiled by Market Analytics and Research team, Report Ocean.

Report Ocean majors in finding upcoming trends in the industry in all niches of the global cyber defense market.

Report Ocean provide quality reports to…

Keeping with the consistency in the expansion of our brand this year, team ROMAD took to the road on the b2c market by sharing ROMAD and our pioneering super capabilities at the Consumer Electronics Entertainment 2019!

We are grateful to Serghiy Loshak ROMAD, Co-Founder and Chief Finance Officer for ROMAD SECURITY Holdings LTD for taking the lead and spearheading an all-hands on-deck approach in making this marketing outreach a successful one!

We didn’t forget to get you a picture of Serghiy in full business mode.

We also appreciate other members of the team, who made all this possible and more…

Ever been hacked?

It’s not a great feeling. On the contrary, it’s a horrible feeling. Abysmal. Especially when it involves losing assets, digital assets like copyrighted material as we see in the HBO GOT hack, or confidential customer data as we see in the Iranian-led CITRIX systems breach, or when it comes to funds like the now commonplace traditional banking system and crypto-exchange breaches. Although the recent Cryptopia exchange hack wasn’t fun to those who had assets in that centralized exchange, the much older breach of Ian Balina’s computer and live cryptojacking of assets worth well over a million dollars…

Hooray! The Bounty Distribution for ROMAD TGE commences today! Participation in the bounty programme is strictly via ROMAD campaign bounty manager Sergei Gerasimenko and will be distributed according to TGE rules of participation as well as quotas reached. Please reach out to Sergei for more information about your bounty allocation by joining the group below

Another important announcement is the onset of the ROMAD token allocation for all whitelisted TGE participants. Distribution will be to all ROMAD cabinet contributor wallets. So, if you have taken part in the ROMAD token sale, please revisit your generated cabinet wallets at …


Yes, there are tons of projects out there that do not need blockchain to function. Granted. So, tons of scams and if not scams, simple money grabs. So why blockchain? Why restructure RED v.1.0 back to beta when current RED is functioning beautifully without any blockchain? Why the blockchain enabled RED 2.0 upgrade? Yes, the very question being, what’s the romance between ROMAD and the blockchain?

Well, for starters, we need to know how the blockchain functions and what it represents.

A true decentralized blockchain is primarily an indelible and immutable ledger of transactions. …

In a wave of strategic additions, the ROMAD Project announces yet another high-end acquisition into RAC, the ROMAD ADVISORY COUNCIL., and that’s sensationalist Korean Crypto Youtuber Chris Paek!!!

With a strong background in music and musical compositions, Bitboy Sesibong gained internet fame specifically for his early interest in the blockchain as well as educating and enlightening fellow Koreans in blockchain’s nascent technology, capabilities, technological advances, lapses, and applications into modern society most especially viable commercial applications.

The South Korean Internet sensation has a huge following, posting on various video sharing platforms like YouTube, Blockchain Hub and BlockTimes TV!

Founded in…

ROMAD systems

ROMAD is the world’s first decentralized True-Proactive Endpoint Defense Ecosystem, Next-Generation Cryptowallet and Marketplace. #Blockchain #Crypto

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