Remote work jungle

We will remember 2020 as the year of the lockdown, the year where everyone were “locked” in their property.
In France, 2 months of empty cities, where nature took back her rights and where everyone was in remote work among many others things …

As a freelancer, I was a remote guy most of the time, from my coworking in Lyon and for many clients around the country.
Even so, workshops, presentations, courses, interviews … were some of the methods that I preferred in face-to-face, due to a fear of not being able to drive participants without body gesture.


I learned how to correctly use a rulers !!! Awesome

You may know the theory from John Dewey, which is learning by doing.
As a sportsman, in addition of being a designer, I’m a hard believer of this theory and you will understand why.

In any sport you can’t learn without doing and practicing, and if you want to be really good, you have to know you and understand what you’re doing !

A badminton coach will give you advice for a good smash, if you have facilities you will be able to make one “fine” at your first try, but you will improve it only by practicing.

Here we…

Few days ago almost all the world was on hold, due to the lockdown, many people were (and some are still) on partial unemployment, having so much free time.
What a good news for all the apps who suck this free time !!!

As an independant I was fortunate enough to keep a good workflow, which made the weekdays slighter.
Knowing that Rackets sports are my main activities after official hours, you can imagine that Hiit, Murph and running that I have done don’t take the same amount of time AND free me up some time.

97% of that time…


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