Best New Music: BRÅVES

BRÅVES’ music is brave indeed: bold, dark, voluptuous and fully enticing

Remember the viral video starring Shaun Ross and his impressive manhood? Well it’s certainly memorable — not only for its visuals, but also for the actual music: “Dust” by Los Angeles-based band BRÅVES. Thankfully, the trio’s sonic landscape is interesting enough to stand out by itself next to the artsy, brooding short film noir.

Ever since their attempt to break the internet, BRÅVES have released a handful of interesting tracks, showing off an intriguingly distinct sound and notable lyrics. Along with their mysterious hush-hush aura, BRÅVES downright force you to pay attention to the music. And oh my, what a revelation that is!

In the bittersweet love song “Dust”, the lyrics reveal a powerful juxtaposition of blood and dust, passion and the fragileness of love. “Let me breathe you in and never let you go” feels like a touchy attempt to be closer to love, to cheat the inevitable evanescence.

The energetic track “Big Fish” opens with the lines “I get a feeling that I’m reeling in a real big fish with you. I might be out of my mind”. Husky vocals, throbbing beats and an overall piceous mood shows you unfamiliar and therefore thrilling territory. BRÅVES’ music is brave indeed: bold, dark, voluptuous and fully enticing.

Romain Butti is a Content Creator from Luxembourg, based in Berlin.