Grind(r) hard, or: How to gradually destroy yourself

Imagine you’re in a room full of people — some are missing their shirts, some don’t have a face, some are standing way too close to you, oblivious of the acceptable mannerism.

All of them have 1 thing in common: They tell you 1% about themselves. They’re not telling you the other 99%.

And, sadly, all of them are missing something: their dignity.

Call me a prude, call me a hypocrite. No one deserves this treatment. Investing your energy in a conversation that’s not a conversation is a waste of time and below everyone’s niveau.

Again, imagine you’re standing in that very room, next to real human beings, behaving like they do on their online profile. On their neatly trimmed torsos, it’d say 28yo, versatile bottom, just visiting. Stripped down to succinct information, their faces say last seen online 2 hours ago, no chems, neg, into bb. Some would flash in front of you without asking you first, and splutter racist, sexist and something phobic in your face. You scroll, reply, refresh, block, ignore.

You gradually feel that the only thing getting sucked (away) is your soul.

You realise you’ll never get your time back, and that you have to recharge your phone. Next time, close that app for good, forget about it and instead recharge your soul.

Romain Butti is a Content Creator from Luxembourg.

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