The ones to watch (and listen to) in 2016

It’s always wonderful to see when talented, aspiring new talent makes it in the music landscape. When I saw the incredible Swedish singer Seinabo Sey at First We Take Berlin in September 2014, she absolutely blew me away. One year later, Sey released her amazing debut Pretend, easily one of this year’s best releases. Which is why I’m already very curious what 2016 will bring us. Let’s have a listen…

1. Kacy Hill — Arm’s Length

When former American Apparel model Kacy Hill released the single Experience and earlier this year Foreign Fields, expectations for her full debut went through the roof.

refreshing. crackling. substantial.

2. Dua Lipa — Be The One

First she soaked all different music genres in, now she’s ready to do her own thing: Dua Lipa has what it takes to spark us all.

warming. pumping. surprising.

3. Nao — Zillionaire

After a collaboration with Disclosure, a tour with Little Dragon and shoutouts by Zane Lowe, native Londoner Nao deserves a spot on the podium in 2016.

pulsating. vigorous. sweeping.

4. Kyla La Grange — Skin

She’s been around for a while. And will probably excel in the months to come.

strong. poignant. sumptuous.

5. Lostboycrow — Talk Back To Me

Watch out for American vocalist Lostboycrow. He might majorly influence your playlist rotation.

restless. inspired. tantalizing.

6. Elliphant, WDL — Stardust

Highly influenced by British urban music, Stockholm singer Ellinor Olovsdotter aka Elliphant gradually gains followers and fame.

scratchy. tough. banger.

7. Awa — Obvious

There’s only been one season of X-Factor in Sweden, and Awa won the race.

catchy. bracing. easy.

8. Låpsley — Hurt Me

British singer songwriter Holly Lapsley Fletcher fascinates with restrained yet sublime tracks.

airy. crisp. modest.

9. Noonie Bao — Pyramids

Noonie Bao’s wonderful voice meets R&B, pop and a lot of surprises along the way.

straightforward. full-on. playful.

10. Zara Larsson, MNEK — Never Forget You

Another Swedish newcomer somewhere between Rihanna and Miriam Bryant.

loud. vibrant. firm.

Listen to the tracks on TIDAL right here.

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