Follow the Winning Trends to Leave Your Mark in Android App Development

The android is still dominating the mobile OS world with more than 80% market share. The ever increasing number of android users and massive surge of android apps in the market have resulted in fierce competition among android app development companies. Let us find out what winning trends they follow to rule in 2016:

Enriching user experience

The android market being highly abundant with apps, android application specialists are having tough time to craft out a niche for their apps. So now they are trying out every possible feat to make their apps an instant hit. The primary focus is on enriching user experience by keeping the app simple, making navigation effective, improving the layout performance and including exciting features. After all, it is user satisfaction that matters at the end of the day!

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Investment in AR technology

As augmented reality game Pokémon Go became a huge success it is obvious that android app development services would try to leverage this technology for making a mark in the app world. More investments are being made to tap the potential of AR technology for android apps.

Emphasis on security

With more and more people using smartphones to complete online banking or shopping transactions, security levels of app is the hot topic of discussion. As more malwares are making their way to Google Play significant security issues are getting discovered now and then. But Google also is endevouring hard to minimize these issues. Therefore, developing an android app without any security flaws is one of the key areas of focus.

More demand for free apps

One of the main reasons for android having the largest slice of pie for market share among all other mobile OS players is that ‘everyone wants to enjoy free lunch’. Yes, the availability of free android apps has made it the most sought-after platform. So, developers are following this trend of the past and continuing with developing free apps. The focus is on generating revenue through in-app advertisements rather than monetizing apps directly.

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