Take Your Pick from the Latest Big Data Software Developments

The analytics technology market and business intelligence (BI) is propelled by the business-led analytics rather than IT-led reporting tools. Big data software products are predicted a market reach of $16.9 billion this year by Gartner which is up 5.2% from last year. Both big players and newbies are showcasing new ways to collect, shape and analyze the colossal data volumes that businesses are struggling to manage. You can have a look on the below software developments recently announced:

Tableau 10

This software from Tableau gives you an exciting mix of mobile, analytical and data preparation functionalities which enterprises can leverage for managing Tableau server deployments. They can monitor how Tableau Desktop licenses are utilized and exercise control over user logins for multi-tenant deployments.

Teradata Everywhere

It is a series of new deployment capabilities for data warehouse system developer Teradata’s massive parallel processing analytic database. This new database will not only work on-premise but also in private and public cloud environments including Microsoft Azure, Teradata Managed Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Teradata Intelliflex platform and the VMware virtualization software.

Paxata Connect

The latest from Paxata — developer of self-service data preparation — Paxata Connect will enable businesses to source, process and publish data across cloud and hybrid systems, on-premise and big data environments. This new connectivity framework allows faster deployment of data services and a transparent supervision of data accession, interaction and publishing tasks.


This big data software works with large volume of data stored by companies in various locations, including on-premise and cloud, and runs on the HANA in-memory database system of the vendor. Another striking feature is its capability to consumer data warehouse objects in the SAP BusinessObjects cloud and connectivity to the SAP Digital Boardroom portal which is a built-in feature.

Data wrangling ecosystem

Trifacta releases data wrangling software that enables you to raw and complex data into clean and structured data for analysis. It also supports cloud data source connectivity through connectivity with Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Dataflow Performance Manager

This software deployment from StreamSet provides users a combined view of end-to-end dataflow operations which they can utilize for mapping and measuring dataflow for important IT drives such as IoT projects, customer 360 analysis, data lakes and cyber-security efforts.

Other new entrants in the big data software developments are Hortonworks Data Platform 2.5, Maana Winter ’17 Knowledge Platform, Datawatch Monarch 13.5 and ClustrixDB 8.0.

These softwares are here to bring glory to business intelligence and analytics; just you need to analyze properly which one integrates aptly with your business needs. You can consult software development specialists for professional guidance and informed investment.

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