Trends of Switching Website to Flat File CMS

Flat File or FFCMs has already created buzz in the website development field. Developers are discussing about this new approach and its merits over the conventional CMS. By definition, FFCMS is a content management system that uses flat files to store the data in contrast to the conventional CMS that use database. In case of CMS like WordPress or Drupal, page content are stored in the database table and when user requests a page, content are collected from database and page is furnished with theme. In FFCMS no database is used for storing page content but page content are stored in files and folders.

In this article let us discuss some of the merits of using FFCMS over traditional database-based CMS.

  1. Speed:- FFCMS completely avoids calls to database and this is main reason why all FFCMS are faster than normal content management systems. With complete absence of database layer the speed of your website increases significantly. You can buy website hosting at cheap rates and get best speed at the same time.
  2. Backup and Version Control:- biggest problem with traditional database driven websites is taking timely backups. In this uncertain world, your website might get hacked at any time and you can lose all your content in the database. To avoid this problem you have to take backups after regular intervals so that you can restore your website in less time. With FFCMS your website has only files and no tables so you can install a good version control system and synchronize the server with the folder on your local computer. Your backup process becomes much easier and you can use the features of version control system to update or rollback changes made in your website.
  3. Quick and easy Setup:- while installing CMSs you might need to configure your server environment to the required level and it might take lot of time. In this case the installation process becomes much simpler as it does not depend on server parameters and configuration. Testing the website during development phase is very easy and you need not make any changes to server.
  4. Effortless Site Migration:- In case you require to migrate your website from one server to another, your task is really effortless. You just need to copy all your files to new place and do not worry about anything else.

Above mentioned are the benefits of FFCMS but there are some flaws too. As this technology is relatively new, you need to learn it from the scratch. Not much help is available on internet in form of tutorials or help forums so learning can be bit difficult and time consuming.

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Originally published at on July 8, 2015.

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