How post-horror movies are taking over cinema
Scott Myers

I’ve read the article early this week, and I felt connected to it for two reasons. The first one, I do have an attraction for the horror genre and the second reason is, I am currently writing one.

I did love VVITCH and Get Out, not much for It Comes At Night when I felt that the story was too vague, maybe the kind of script that should have been in a closet for a few years to be re-written and have the strength of a “good wine.” In a way, I was expecting maybe a little bit more of a narrative ark. I’ve read few articles about the screenwriter/director, and as I understand, he made the movie around the theme of grief. It is a good fuel, and we all deal with those emotions very differently. I guess I was too much of a stranger to his.

To come back to the Guardian’s article, I do feel that the indie industry is looking for more ambitious scripts that can help us to give a new breath to a genre that we all know well.

I don’t like the term of “post horror movies,” I believe it is a term to qualified something that we don’t fully understand yet, in a way that we don’t have enough perspective to categorize it.

It is a fascinating time for the movie industry. We are entering a new phase, and I expect many movies to get out of the comfort zone.

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