New Services, New Products, New Funding

Jul 4, 2019 · 4 min read
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Dear Friends,

On behalf of the entire team, Henri and I are very pleased to announce new services, new products, and (on the basis of our initial success in Paris and other cities) a new funding of €30 Millions led by our two main investors, EQT Ventures and Naspers Ventures.

New services

At Dott, we care for our users. For this reason, we were the first operator to deploy in March a safer e-scooter than any other available on the market, in which we integrated a double-brake system, a larger deck and bigger wheels. This was at a time when most shared e-scooters were still using small 8inch wheels and simple electronic brakes.

Today, we’re taking this one step further. We are the first operator to launch a full insurance coverage for all our users, on every ride, for free. This insurance includes both personal injury and third-party liability, thanks to our partner Zego and insurer La Parisienne Assurances. This is already live.

New products

At Dott, we strive to improve user experience through new designs. We are very excited to share the news of the upcoming launch of our e-bikes. We are convinced that this e-bike will transform the shared mobility market. When you will try it, you will understand the love and passion we put into it; this e-bike will be more comfortable, more durable and safer than anything you have seen so far.

This e-bike will truly be European; it will be assembled in France, and is the fruit of a collaboration between teams in France, the Netherlands, Portugal and the UK.

We’re also working on better e-scooters. Very soon, we will introduce swappable batteries (to reduce our carbon footprint and operational costs), better suspensions, and overall improved rider experience. We are also working on a few big surprises for you in the next generation e-scooters. We can’t wait to see them in the streets.

Sustainable Model

Dott is focused on being a sustainable company, from an environmental, social and financial standpoint; this is why— in opposition to operators who favoured speed — we did not waste resources in launching cheap, unreliable e-scooters and… lose them all.

There are three pillars to our sustainable approach:

  • Durable hardware: from day on, we have manufactured sturdy vehicles made for shared mobility, continuously improving their designs. These e-scooters are fully repairable. We supply all spare parts to our repair centers. Our team of mechanics repair every single scooter damaged before putting them back on the streets. Our aim is to increase in this way our vehicles’ lifetime to eventually last years.
  • Vertically integrated operations: we believe in fully mastering our operations. We own our fleet management tools. We improve our processes. We recruit, train and manage our own teams of mechanics, patrollers and drivers. This ensures the safety of our users through rigorous vehicle inspections & maintenance. This makes us highly flexible to city specific needs, especially for parking deployments. And this enables us to fully control our costs and drive operational efficiency.
  • Strong team culture: we are focused on environmental impact and transparency, from the patrollers in the streets to the developers building our software systems. This makes tremendous difference in the way we operate in cities.
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After 4 successful months of operations in Paris, Brussels, Lyon and Milan, we have been able to prove that we could generate superior unit economics through our model, get users to prefer Dott experience, and build positive relationships with local communities and municipalities.

On that basis, and to keep growing Dott, we have raised an additional 30M€ with the support of our investors. This will give us the means to take the lead in the cities where we operate, finance our new vehicles programs, continue to invest in our in-house operations, and launch Dott in Germany, UK and the Netherlands.

A big thanks to the amazing Dott Team and everyone’s hard work. I also want to extend a huge thanks to all our investors for the trust they have put in us: Axel Springer Ventures, DN Capital, EQT Ventures, Felix Capital, FJ Labs, Naspers Venture, U Start Club, our 20 business angel investors, and new investors soon to be announced.

Let’s dott and roll!


Co-founder & CEO at Dott

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