Elections as they should be

Among those whom I read in social networks and who writes about the US Elections 2016, no one supports Trump. Only a few are neutral and the most are against him. For the other hand, according to the Latest Election Polls 2016, the difference between two candidates is only 3%.

I find it unlikely that having an account on Facebook or Twitter makes of the owner a strong Hillary’s supporter. It seems more probable to me that the ones who support Trump, are silent about it to avoid being publicly insulted or ridiculed.

An ordinary tweet these days.

I know, democracy has many forms, but in my opinion, people who respect the opinions of their fellow citizens deserve more respect than whose who forget that this is not unfortunately but luckily other citizens have the same electoral rights as they have.

In an ideal world, an election is supposed to be a choice between the good and the better candidates. If we are lucky enough, this is a choice between the good and the bad. Unfortunately, it is often a choice between the bad and the worst. Whatever it is, it is good when an election is a way for the society to take a decision, not a way for one part of the society to take a win over the another one. It is so nice to see when you people respect each other.

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