A Simple Guide to Make Packing and Moving Easier

It’s a big task to pack and move to a new place but with the help of right tools, equipment and a workable plan, this task can be remarkably easier. There are dedicated stores from where you can purchase items that help in packing and moving but getting lost into shopping for shipping boxes and other items without actually doing something to make preparation is only suitable when you have got a lot of time. With that said, you need to have an alternate and equally robust plan on packing and making necessary preparations for moving if you don’t have time to shop for the shipping supplies.

In every process of moving, the main entity that you should have at very first priority is a bulk of shipping boxes. Since you are going to move every item from one place to another, you will need to have boxes of different sizes that would handle variety of loads and volumes. Heavy items, you should have small to medium sized boxes, whereas lightweight items can be stored in large boxes. This is the kind of load and volume management you should take into consideration in order to make the process of moving smoother. Keep in mind, never overfill the boxes because the boxes with items stuffed beyond their capacity are hard to stack and difficult to maneuver.

Securing a box is as important as having a box. The generally used items for securing the box are shipping tapes and labels. The tapes can be of different types depending upon the type of items and volume of the boxes. While applying tape, make sure that tape provides ample amount of adhesion because a loose tape doesn’t prevent the items to spill out of the box. Labels are essential because they tell the movers what to do with a particular box. Labeling a box ‘fragile’ suggests the movers to handle label bearing box with more attention. Box cutters and scissors should also be provided to box handlers.

Easing the unpacking depends upon what you do during the packing process. You need to tell the moving service to place every box at its respective place and for that you can make good use of labels, stickers and markers. You can give each room in the new home a color code and use that color on the box to provide clear instruction about where to place that box. To make the process further convenient, you can attach a list of box contents with the box.

Anything harsher can happen during the transit and this process can be damaging for the goods being moved. The best way to prevent this damage is to provide cushioning to the contents in the boxes. Use of packing materials is recommended in this regard. The most common and highly trusted packing materials include bubble wraps, packing papers, peanuts, and newsprint papers. If you don’t have time to purchase much of these materials, you can get help from fabrics in your home. Towels, sweaters, shower curtains and other fabrics can also be considered to cushion items in the boxes.