Moscow’s Alpha Group Is One of the World’s Most Vicious Commando Teams
War Is Boring

a joke of an article. Rustamhoca Tursunkulov was a member of the so-called ‘Muslim Batallion’ tasked with perimeter security. he did enter the presidential palace in defiance of an order to stay outside and cover the perimeter. he did so because the Grom and Zenit operatives got bogged down sustaining casualties on the lower levels due to fierce resistance from Amin’s bodyguards. wherever this crap about ‘killing everyone inside’ came from. wishful thinking on the part of the BBC, i’m thinking.

regardless of who kickstarted the Beslan siege — the terrorists with a bomb set-off or the ‘siloviki’ — it was the Alpha and Vympel personnel that jumped into the fray, covering children with their bodies rushing them outside, jumping on grenades and such. Glenn Peter Hastedt would do well to attempt hostage rescuing while being fired upon from all directions before publishing any such BS as his ‘spec ops for dummies’ twaddle.

and the last link… Jeez… those ARE UKRAINIAN ALPHAs!!! it’s been proved, you know, multiple times.

it’s a pity war-is-boring is turining into… THIS…with the likes of Darien Cavanaugh contributing misleading drivel.

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