*For any future readers*
Russell Munroe

Because that’s exactly what the US, driven by defense industry majors and guided by lobbying administrations belonging to either political party, has been doing for consecutive decades if not longer, ever since the aforementioned conspired to and carried out the murder of the last truly democratic president.

Because bad examples set and unaccounted for always turn into trends and tendencies.

Because the US establishment tells every other establishment to do as it says but not as it does, and if that other one doesn’t, they tear it down and label it ‘democracy promotion’.

Because the US foreign policy is governed by hypocritical opportunistic warmongering amateurs, incapable of not only calculating, but even wild-guessing the consequences of their actions.

Because a frightening number of Americans thinks that their country is ‘exceptional’, gravely misunderstanding and narrowing down the meaning of the word.

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