Fridge unplugged

So I’m your typical software engineer in late 20’s. I work for large company in major city. I work long hours, eat out mostly, party and drink a fair bit. Not a bad life really if you look at it from global perspective. I have enough food, shelter, warmth and some friends to socialize.

Am I living the life of my dreams? No.

So I asked myself the hardest question: “What do you want?” I want to eat better, exercise more, socialize more, travel more, work on my projects more. Do you see the pattern? I want to improve. So here comes the second question: “What are you gonna do about it?”.

I’ve been climbing again lately after many on/off periods, by the way I think that’s part of the problem but later on that, and I realized from watching some climbing videos the obvious — I cannot improve in anything in big steps. I need to go step by step and persist. That’s the only way and it’s a guaranteed way to any improvement.

So I decided to start with the food as I believe food is the basis — it’s what keeps us going. I stopped eating bread and limiting fast food. The next stop is fridge. I really want to eat fresh and so tonight I decided to unplug the fridge. I think this is the key — you need to take those steps that might seem small even silly but it’s all in details.

I cannot preserve food now so I have to eat fresh. Do small steps, make sure you enforce your way to the next level. Don’t wait until the morning, do it now.