The darknet for $ 5 you can get a lifetime Bitcoin Internet access

One of the most interesting types of information that can be bought in the markets and the darknet many online forums hackers are hacked accounts Xfinity by Comcast’s, the largest operator of cable television and home Internet access, as well as US phone provider.

Xfinity user registration data can be used to access the Wi-Fi-points in the United States, which, in essence, means free internet access.

After downloading the Tor and visit one of the darknet-market simple query “Xfinity” will cause a lot of proposals, whose authors are willing to sell information on the respective account. On Alphabay access to this information can be purchased for $ 5.

Once the account data is transferred to the buyer, they can be checked at the nearest point WiFi Xfinity access. Anyone who lives in an apartment building, will probably be able to find an access point, from the comfort of your own home.

Also Xfinity darknet is also full of ads for the sale of access to the hacked accounts to input data for Netflix, Spotify and many other providers.

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