Life after 30… Before 30 I was thinking that I’m became older and that is not good. Now I’m 31 and I thing that I’m alive and it’s a good thing. Yes, it’s was more fun before 30, almost everything was more easy, but it is still not so bad.

5 things that I want to do before 40:

  1. Make my one media project online. Probably, it’s will be my web documentary series that started filming recently. Maybe I will start something else as well.
  2. Improve my health condition. After 30 you feel a big difference about what you can do with your body. You can not have a party every evening as it was then you was 20. You can not eat a lot and everything you want and not became fat. It’s a time a time to care more about your health to have enough energy for your purposes.
  3. Work more doing what I like to do. I’m filmmaker and I will do more creative videos and movies. My video camera is my main tool and it is possible to get almost everything what I want just using this tool and my skills. It is important to keep focus on it. I see that many people stop doing their projects because it takes a time and concentration.
  4. Don’t afraid to do something new. When you are yang it feels more easy to try to do new thing and be risky. At the same time now I feel that there is no so time for comfort zone. I need to think less and do more. I start to write in English because it is a foreign language for me. Never tried to do this befor, but always wanted.
  5. Find new friends and just met as much interesting new people as I can. Friends and relatives make life more attractive and they help you to pass through difficult moments in your life. Then I thinking about my past mostly I am thing about the people who was with me during this time. Sometimes I can share my memories with some of them.

There are a lot of another things that I plan to do and doing now (traveling, study new languages, etc.), but these 5 things came to my mind firstly. Probably there is a reason for that. Probably it is really the most important things now.