If you’re not sure how much money to set aside, I suggest using the practical 50–20–30 rule, which calls for categorizing spending and allocating 50% of your income on needs, 30% on wants and activities, and 20% on bettering your financial future (like investing)
5 Things You Should Do for 5 Minutes Every Day to Be Exceptionally Successful
Elle Kaplan

I just realized that it’s my 5th yead of following this pattern. Works for me!

Sometimes it’s like 40–40–20 (parties are needs too lol), but this 20% is static. I automated the savings through my banking app.

When I used to work (doing logotypes) for a living myself — my income fluctuated, so it was hard to follow 50–30–20 at the time, but now when I am a CEO of whole logo design studio, I am going with this pattern easily.

If your income is constant and stable — go for it! It is a positive change.

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