What climate skeptics taught me about global warming
Seth Miller

Hey Seth Miller,

I wanted to thank you for this fantastic article. I found this surfing the web at 3 in the morning trying to find an answer to the question “Is humanity doomed?” and “Why do people not believe in climate change?” and your article is the first that gave me a sincere look into how not only to look at science, but also why many people in the US (and mostly in the US) choose to deny climate change. It’s difficult to summarize what I’m feeling right now, as it feels as though there is something to finally make sense of all the data and to not only clarify, but solidify the final answer which is: we cannot continue to deny this when we look at it objectively and transparently. I’m just a senior college student right now, and it does feel as though I’m powerless to do anything as I get ready for my senior year and continue to see the political climate worsen with people inserting politics into everything when it’s unnecessary. I’ve tried to maintain a centrist and reasonable mind-set throughout everything, but it is difficult sometimes. I believe things can be fixed, and things will get better as long as people like you continue to exist in this world to add some clarity and light within the fog and darkness. I guess I’m writing all of this necessary detail just to, again, say thank you for giving me back some hope that we can overcome the challenges we have before us. Things may get difficult, and we may go over some deadlines, but maybe we can look at Hill’s criteria and see we still have a shot. It’s still worth it, and as long as there’s something good left we should keep on trying to make this world a better place. When, or rather if, you read this, I hope you realize you’ve made an impact in at least my life, and I hope you have a good day wherever you are.


Joshua Roman

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