Lend-Lease Saved Countless Lives — But Probably Didn’t Win the Eastern Front
Robert Beckhusen

Thank you very much Robert, it is very uncommon to find balanced article as regards Soviet vs Germany struggle.

But, for love of truth, the Stalin decimation of Red Army part is wrong, in the beginning of 1937 Read Army had about 206 thousand officers, only 40 thousand has been dismissed for all causes (50% on grounds of trotskyists conspiracy), many of them had re-joined Army in the next years, for exception of 18 thousand. Of these 18 thouthands 8122 has been arrested and 9859 has been fired from army on the political grounds.

By the beginning of the 1941 Red Army counted 439 143 officers.

All documents are available in Russian archives, which has been opened for the last 20 years at least.

Some good reading (in Russian) about this matter is: http://militera.lib.ru/research/pyhalov_i/02.html


A. Romanov

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