Another was about being coherent from start to end. AdMob never pivoted; it remained the same from the start.
The Story of AdMob: How One MBA Dropout Sold His Business to Google for $750 million
Danielle Newnham

This is a very controversial point although I assume that it actually worked for you. I believe that companies, and startups especially, should be agile enough to be able to pivot to follow the market and customers’ sentiment. I think the question here is how large of a pivot we are talking about here. The company I currently work for has actually benefited from pivoting as we gained more customer traction as it is hard to set an exact heading early on. We can think about it in a navigational sense while sailing towards a distant goal. One can try to set an exact course which would take us there. The issue is that the apparatus is not accurate enough to keep the same accurate heading for hundreds of miles. Also, it does not take into account the drift and other factors. In reality it is more plausible to keep adjusting the course every so often.