How to get a random Pocket article

Ok, so I use Pocket A LOT. I mean I’m like a Pocket junkie. I even got an email from them in 2013 saying, that I made it to their their top 5% readers (not to brag or anything). Everything I come across while browsing the interwebs, or sifting through tons of email goes into the Pocket for later read if I’m not immediately available or feeling for media consumption. So the rate I was saving to pocket quickly outgrow the rate I was able to read through it.

At one point I realised that in no way I’ll be able to read the earliest of entries. Or when I finally get to them, the information might be already outdated or simply of no more interest to me. So naturally, to be fair to my articles and to treat them equally, I set out on a quest to find a way to get myself a “random pocket article” button…

To make a long story short, after checking out forks on GitHub, Chrome extensions and whatnot (every one of which either not working or too complicated to set up), I stumbled upon this link:

I tell you, my life was never the same.
It solved all my needs. I’ve clipped this link to my bookmarks tab in chrome, and also as an icon on my Android phone. One click from anywhere and I get myself a hot potato.I hear you asking: “But does it mark this article as Read?”. Nope, but wait with the torches and pitchforks — that’s the beauty of it. Sometimes I will skip some articles (and would like them still to remain in my Pocket) to suit my mood. But when I’ll finish reading one, all I need to do is add it again to my Pocket, which brings that article to the top of my pile (pocket doesn’t allow for duplicates), and I can easily check it from there (add tags, star, et cetera…). Works beautifully on desktop and mobile.

P.S. It’s interesting that you will not find any information about this in the official docs.

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